Air Asia RedQ-
Amazing Workspace Tour & Above!

Today, workplace design and function are the keys towards employee sustainability. We managed to bring our team for an eye opener at Air Asia very own headquarters – RedQ.

Advanced tech, high ceiling and everything nice! It is literally a dream factory for everyone to fly.


We are beyond grateful for the excellent hospitality from the crews. We learned to always put people first, work comes second and what we have been wondering about how a thoughtfully-designed workplace could play a significant role in employee productivity and pleasure is now proven. 


From appealing meeting rooms that subconsciously encourages greater engagement to therapeutic sleeping pod, we are deeply amazed.  It is definitely a confidence boost to us while #M8HEXAEsporthub is progressing, too!


p/s – Once again thank you Air Asia Allstar family for the amazing tour! No joke but we miss the beanbags, grass circles and our funky moments of sliding all the way to the ground already. Next, we will see how things flow in #M8HEXAEsportshub. Stay tuned, stay playful and hustle peeps 🙂