1. The tournament is open to all nations above 13 years old and non MPL team players only.
MPL Team Clarification: MPL Season 4&5 League registered teams and players are not allowed to participate in this tournament

2. Participation Fees : RM10 per team

3. Dates :
Qualifying Rounds > Mar 21 (Sat) / 28 (Sat), 2020 , 2pm onwards (Single Elim, Top 64 BO 1, Top 32 BO 3, Custom 5v5 with 3 Bans)
P/S : Registration Deadline : Qualifying Round 1 > Mar 20, 2020(Fri), 11:59pm ; Qualifying Round 2 > Mar 27, 2020(Fri), 11:59pm.
Grand Final > Apr 11, 2020 (Sat), 2pm onwards (Quarter Finals, Semi Finals : Single Elim, BO3, Custom 5v5 with 3 Bans; Final : BO 5, Custom 5v5 with 3 Bans)

4. Each team should not have more than 3 pauses per match, each pause should not last more than 2 minutes

5. Tournament Format:
Top 8 teams from Online Qualifying Rounds will be playing Grand Final Online.
(2 Qualifying Round, 128 Teams → Top 4 winners from each Qualifying Round proceed to Final)
Maximum Slots: 64 (per qualifying round)

6. Participants MUST check-in ONE (1) hour before the tournament. We will not give the participant a chance to compete if they were late for fifteen (15) minutes to join the lobby.

7. All participants need to use their own device during competition. Tablet is strictly not allowed.

8. All third party assisting software that changes the game content (e.g. crosshairs, game interface, SFX, speed, game screens, etc.) are prohibited during the tournament. If participants violate this rule, it will be treated as hacking. The participant will be disqualified and no prizes will be given and will be banned from competing.

9. Each participant may only use their own account.

10. If a participant is experiencing a bug, they must notify a channel moderator or a tournament admin immediately within 3 minutes after take off.

11. Team names and player names should not be of any indecent words

12. M8HEXA Esports Hub will provide wifi internet but isn’t responsible to players that get disconnected, error device, or etc during the game. Players are advised to subscribe to mobile data as backup.

13. Game will be restart if;
a) ANY player(s) kicked/disconnected from the game
b) Player sit in the wrong slot
c) Bugs
d) Settings of the game are incorrect.

14. Players are required to wear long pants and covered shoes. Players are not permitted to wear work clothes, costumes, sportswear, pajamas, slippers, etc. Also players may not wear a hat, sunglasses or accessories that may cover the player’s face.

15. Exploiting bugs will result in instant disqualification.

16. By registering, all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the event have been given legal consent by the players to organizer “M8HEXA Esports Hub ” for media and marketing purposes.
Organizer’s decision is absolute


Tournament System

1. Tournament System

1.1. Terminology

1.1.1 Win conditions
The 5V5 map of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Draft pick is used in the tournament. The winner is decided when one of the following occurs:
(A) Opponent’s base is destroyed;
(B) Opponent surrenders;
(C) Opponent is disqualified;
(D) Opponent is found to have violated any of the rules by the Tournament Official (refer to Chapter 4.4);
(E) Decision made by a tournament official according to the rules and regulations (refer Chapter

1.1.2 Match
Refers to a series of games, until one team wins the majority of total games, e.g. 2 out of 3 games in a best of three (BO3) or 3 out of 5 games in a best of five (BO5).
(A) A match, meaning a series of games between two teams either BO3 or BO5;
(B) A game, meaning a single game in a series of games.

1.2 Format

1.2.1 Format
● Teams will be competing in a single elimination bracket, best of 3 formats.
● The bronze match will be played.

2. Tournament Flow

2.1 Pre-match preparation

2.1.1 Schedule changes
M8HEXA Esports Hub reserve the right to reschedule, make changes to the dates of MLBB | Unstop8ble or alter the schedule in any other way or form. All teams will be informed of any changes made by M8HEXA Esports Hub at once.

2.1.2. Early Check In
Teams must check-in at the gaming booth or in-game lobby at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for preparation. In the event that the game prior has ended early, the match will be brought forward.

2.1.3 Game Version
The game version used will be decided by M8HEXA Esports Hub, use of newly released heroes, heroes with recent balance updates and those with known bugs may be temporarily banned. The duration of the ban will be determined by M8HEXA Esports Hub.

2.1.4 Account
Players are required to use their own account to join this tournament.

2.1.5 Preparation Time
Players will be given a set amount of time prior to the match for preparation. This time starts once the players enter the in-game lobby. Players are not allowed to leave the in-game lobby without permission from the referee and must be accompanied by a member of the M8HEXA Esports Hub. The following are the preparations that need to be done:
(A) Configure emblem.
(B) Adjust game settings and controls.

2.1.6 Match starting time
In the most optimal situation, any problems faced by the players should be solved during the set preparation time. The match should be started at the scheduled time. Match may be delayed if M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin deem it to be necessary. If the reason for the delay is due to player fault, M8HEXA Esports Hub reserves the right to penalize the player or team accordingly.

2.1.7 Ready
Once all players have made sure all in-game settings are done, they are to notify the referee/marshals.

2.1.8 In-game Lobby
M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin will create the in-game lobby. The players should follow the instructions from the M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin on how to enter the in-game lobby.

2.2. Match preparation

2.2.1 Pick/Ban Process
The referee/marshals will ensure both teams are ready to enter the pick/ban phase after players from both teams have entered the in-game lobby. Once both teams are ready, the referee will inform the in-game lobby admin to start the game.

2.2.2 Game setting
(A) Map: Tournament Mode (5V5)
(B) Game type: Draft Pick

2.3 Pick/ban phase and pick priority

2.3.1 Game restrictions
If there is a presence of a known bug in any device, hero, skin, emblem, or any skill, or any other reason determined by M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin, the M8HEXA Esports Hub may add in a restriction at any time before or during the match.

2.3.2 Pick priority
During the regular season, a coin toss is used to determine who has pick priority. In the playoffs, the team with the higher rank has the pick priority in the first game of the match, then pick priority alternates for the rest of the match.

2.3.3 Draft Pick
The pick/ban order will follow the default sequence set in the game.

2.3.4 Wrong pick
If a team has picked/banned a hero by mistake, the game will still be continued. There will be no remakes due to wrong pick/ban.

2.3.5 Swapping heroes
If there is a mistake due to player negligence when swapping heroes, the match will still continue. Exchanging devices is not allowed under any circumstances.

2.3.6 Game starts after the pick/ban phase
The game will immediately start after the pick/ban phase unless there are other instructions from the referee/marshals. M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin will remove any irrelevant items from the game zone. Players are not allowed to leave the game in between the period after the pick/ban phase is complete until the game starts.

2.3.7 Connection problem
If a problem occurs during game loading due to the presence of a bug, disconnection or other errors and a player fails to join the match after the game has started, then the game must be paused until all 10 players are connected to the game.

2.4 In game

2.4.1 During the game, players are not allowed to adjust the FPS, game sound, voice chat volume, network settings (speed mode), and other settings. If there is a need please inform the referee/marshals at once.

3. Game Rules

3.1 Terminology

3.1.1 Unexpected Disconnection
Disconnection of one or more players from the game due to game client, network or device issues.

3.1.2 Deliberate Disconnection
Disconnection of one or more players from the game due to player’s own behavior or actions
(e.g. exiting the game). Any actions of players that lead to disconnection is considered deliberate regardless of motive.

3.1.3 Server break down
Disconnection of some or all players from the game due to game server or network problem.

3.2 End game
If a player disconnects deliberately without informing the referee/marshals or during a pause, referee/marshals are not required to pause the game for said player and team.

3.2.1 Pause by referee
Referees reserve the right to pause the game at any time based on their discretion.

3.2.2 Pause by players
Players can inform the referee to pause the game only when one of the following situations occur. The reason must be reported to the referee/marshals after the pause. The acceptable reasons are:
(A) Accidental disconnect
(B) Hardware or software error (e.g. device malfunction or game client problem, high latency affecting gameplay. The pause can only be considered legal if the referee/marshals in charge can confirm the high latency and instability of the network.)
(C) Physical disruption (e.g. damaged table and chair, disturbance from fans)
(D) When a player is sick/injured or announces he is unable to compete, the team must inform the M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin and request a pause. The referee/marshals will evaluate the player’s condition and determine whether the player is ready, willing and able to continue to compete in a period of time. The referee/marshals will decide how long this period of time is. If the referee/marshals deem the player is unable or not fit to continue, then the team of this player
will be given a penalty according to M8HEXA Esports Hub’s evaluation. (refer to Chapter 3.5 for special condition)

3.2.3 Continuing the game
When all the players are ready, team leaders from both teams should inform the referee/marshals and the game will be unpaused.

3.2.4 Illegal pause
If a player requests a pause from the referee without a valid reason, this behavior is considered illegal. The M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin reserves the right to decide a penalty for said player and team.

3.2.5 Extreme Technical Difficulties
If an extreme technical difficulty occurs during the game, the following rules should be followed:
(A) within 3 minutes of the game start (3 minutes or less), maintain the original bans and picks (BP), restarting the game.
(B) if 3 or more minutes have passed, the referee will seek opinion from both teams before making a decision.
(C) If both teams agree to restart the game, the side with higher net worth has the right to choose whether to maintain the original BP for this game or start a new game with new BP.
(D) If both teams do not agree to restart the game, then both teams are considered to be agreeable to the current game, the game will continue under the current network conditions. In this game, no pause due to network problems is accepted until the end of the game.
(E) If the pause duration is too long, the referee/marshals shall declare an extreme technical difficulty, the match will be continued until the end under these conditions to ensure no further delays in schedule.
(F) If extreme conditions such as network problems or hardware errors still occur (including but not limited to server crashing), ISP issues, the referee/marshals will make a decision based on the conditions. (refer chapter 3.4)
(G) The teams should adhere to the decisions made by the referee until the end of the game.
(H) If one round of the match ends, and there is a winner (refer to chapter 1.1.1 for winning conditions), then no restart is needed.

3.2.6 Code of conduct during a long pause
(A) If the pause duration is more than 5 minutes, the players are allowed to communicate with each other.
(B) If the pause duration is more than 10 minutes, the players may request to go to the washroom as a team (the whole team must go together), once the referee/marshals gives permission, the whole team should go together led by a M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin, during this period the players are not allowed to interact with other people.

3.3 Restart game
The conditions to restart the game are decided by M8HEXA Esports Hub. For example:

3.3.1 Conditions to restart the game
During the match, at any time, if the game has a serious bug which affects gameplay in an obvious way, or if an external factor is deemed to have affected gameplay, then the game can be restarted.

3.3.2 Player issue
Before the players confirm they are ready, the team leader must ensure every player in the team has completed their game settings accordingly (including emblem, game setting, etc). During the BP phase, the team leader should always remind his team to double check. Wrong settings are not a reason to request a remake.

3.4 Deciding a winner
If the match cannot proceed due to technical issues, M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin will seek the opinions of both teams and whether they accept a restart of the game. If one or both sides do not agree to restart the game, M8HEXA Esports Hub will decide a winner by looking at the net worth advantage. M8HEXA Esports Hub reserve the rights for the final decision which is not subject to appeal or challenge.
Judging criteria: The teams total net worth differences must exceed 800 x minutes of the game.
For example, 20 minutes into the game, Team A holds a net worth of 20,000 while Team B’s net worth is 38,000. Difference in net worth is 18,000. 800 x 20 minute = 16,000. The difference in net worth of 18,000 is greater than 16,000, hence Team B is deemed the winner.

3.5 After a game

3.5.1 Results
referee/marshals will verify and record the game result.

3.5.2 Technical issues record
Players should report any technical problems, bugs or other issues encountered during the game
with the referee/marshals.

3.5.3 Consequences of a forfeit
If a team wins due to a forfeit, the winner will win the game by the maximum score difference
(e.g. BO1 is 1-0, BO3 is 2-0, BO5 is 3-0). If a win is by forfeit, other data is not recorded.

3.6 After a match

3.6.1 Results
M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin will verify and record the result of the match. The referee/marshals will then decide the winner of the match accordingly, the players should respect the decision and sign the “Match Result Confirmation Form”.

4. Player Conduct

4.1 Competitive behavior

4.1.1 Unfair play
The conduct below is considered as unfair play and the M8HEXA Esports Hub may decide on a
penalty at their discretion.
(A) Match Fixing
The definition of match fixing is when two or more players have reached an agreement,
accepting any form of benefits, conducting an illegitimate match and trying to manipulate the
results of the match.
(B) Competitive fairness
All teams should always adhere to good sportsmanship during the tournament by giving their
best efforts during the match and are always honest throughout the tournament to preserve the
spirit of fair play.
(C) Hacking
Hacking is defined as any alteration made to the “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” game client by
any player, team or any individual who represents the team and players.
(D) Bug Abuse
Defined as deliberately using a bug in the game to obtain an unfair advantage. Examples of this
behavior include but are not limited to: bugs when buying equipment, bugs in interaction with
neutral creeps, bugs in hero skills or any game feature that is not recognized by the M8HEXA
Esports Hub Admin and behaviors that have the intention to violate the game design.
(E) Illegal substitute
Using another player’s account or persuading another person to use another player’s account to
play the game.
(F) Cheating
Using any form of cheating device and/or cheating programme, or any other methods that can be
considered cheating (e.g. signaling device, gestures etc)
(G) Deliberate disconnection
Disconnecting without a proper and clear explanation.
(H) Others
Any other action or behaviors that at the M8HEXA Esports Hub discretion, is deemed to be a
violation of the integrity and competitive standards set by the rules and regulations.
(I) Defamation and hate speech
Players are not allowed to use any obscene, offensive, vulgar, rude, threatening, insulting, defamatory, or any other form of speech deemed to be inappropriate by M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin. Any incitement of hatred or discriminatory behaviors is not allowed in the gaming booth or in-game. The players must not use any of the tools, services or devices provided by the League to publish, propagate or spread hate speech or messages. Defamation and hate speech are also not allowed to be posted on any of the players social media or any open event (e.g. live).

4.1.2 Disturbing/Rude behaviors
Players are not allowed to behave in any manner (action or gestures) that can be considered
disturbing or rude to other teams, fans or tournament officials. Inciting others to do the same
action e.g. mocking, disturbing or any hostile behavior is not allowed as well.

4.1.3 Insulting behaviors
Insulting a M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin, members of another team or the audience is not
allowed. Multiple offenses will be penalized. Insulting behaviors include but are not limited to:
touching other player’s device, body or personal belongings without reason and permission. All
members of a team and guests (if any) should behave politely at all times.

4.1.4 Broadcast disturbance
All the members of a team are not allowed to touch or use any other method to disturb the
lighting, camera or any other broadcast device. Team members must not stand on chairs, tables
or any other broadcast device. Team members must follow the instructions given by M8HEXA

4.1.5 Illegal drugs
Players and coaches are prohibited from consuming any illegal drugs, including but not limited
to stimulants, sedatives and suppressant drugs. Any individual who is aware of another
player/coach who has violated this rule is obligated to report the incident to the relevant
Tournament Official.

4.1.6 Dress code
Refer chapter 5.3 for the dress code of team members during the match. MLBB | Unstop8ble
reserves the right to prohibit any clothing that is offensive to others or causing discrimination,
(A) Containing any false, unverified or unwarranted speech towards any products or services.
(B) Advertisement for any non-OTC drugs, tobacco products or firearms and ammunition.
(C) Contain any references to an illegal organization or related content at M8HEXA Esports
Hub’s discretion, including but not limited to: lotteries, enterprises or products that promote
(D) Contain any defamatory, obscene, vulgar, offensive, aggressive or sexual content and any
description of bodily functions or any symptoms caused by a disease or involving issues which
are deemed inappropriate to the public.
(E) Advertisement for any pornographic related website or products.
(F) Contain any trademark, copyrighted content or any other copyrighted content that is used
without the owner’s consent that may cause infringement, misuse and other forms of unfair
competition by MLBB | Unstop8ble and its affiliates.
(G) Defame or attack any team members, players or other individuals, entities or products.
(H) Any clothing or accessory that contains an element which promotes a competing product or
is regarded as inappropriate by MLBB | Unstop8ble.
(I) MLBB | Unstop8ble reserves the right to reject entrance to the venue and participation in the
tournament if any of the team members do not adhere to the rules above.

4.1.7 Identity
Players must not cover his/her face, or try in any way/method to hide his/her identity from the
referee/marshals. Referee/marshals must be able to identify every player at any time and has the
right to request players to remove any item that may prevent identification or cause distraction to
other players or referee/marshals. Caps are not allowed.

4.2 Unprofessional Conduct

4.2.1 Obligation to follow the rules
Unless otherwise expressly stated, violations of these rules can be punished, regardless of the
intention. Attempts to violate the rules may also be subject to penalties.

4.2.2 Harassment
The act of harassment is prohibited. Harassment is defined as the systematic, malicious, and
repetitive act over a period of time, or it may be an overly aggressive act aimed at isolating or
crowding out a person, or adversely affecting the dignity of others.

4.2.3 Discrimination and defamation
All members of a team shall not insult, discriminate or defame a country, individual or
organization by using words or actions based on ethnicity, skin color, ace, social status, sex,
language, religion, political stands, or other views, financial status, consanguinity or any other
status, sexual orientation or any other reason.

4.2.4 Negative speech
All members of a team shall not create, publish, authorize, or sign any statement that is negative
in nature and may harm M8HEXA Esports Hub, Sunsuria Esports Berhad. M8HEXA Esports
Hub reserves the right to determine what may be considered negative speech.

4.2.5 Penalty from Tournament Officials
If one team member is considered to violate the rules and receives a penalty from the M8HEXA
Esports Hub, M8HEXA Esports Hub may decide if there is a need for additional punishments
that may affect the whole team.

4.2.6 Investigation on player’s conduct
If MLBB | Unstop8ble suspects a team or team member has violated the rules of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, M8HEXA Esports Hub has at its sole discretion to decide the need and type of penalty. If M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin request information from a player for investigative purposes, then this player/member has the obligation to disclose nothing but the truth. If any team member is found to be hiding facts or misleading/hindering the investigation, then this members shall receive a penalty.

4.2.7 Illegal behaviors
All members of the team shall not violate any laws and regulations or security protocols.

4.2.8 Immoral behaviors
All members of the team shall not behave/partake in any activity which may be considered
immoral, shameful or contrary to the public moral standards.

4.2.9 Confidentiality
Any confidential information provided by M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin and its affiliates
through any form of communication, including social media channels are strictly private and
confidential and no member of a team is allowed to make public this information.

4.2.10 Bribery
No member of any team shall attempt to use gifts, money or any other forms of value in exchange for the promise of one team’s defeat from any player, coach, manager, referee/marshals, M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin or other personnel related with MLBB | Unstop8ble.

4.2.11 Gifts
No member of any team shall receive a gift, money or any other forms of value or reward in
exchange for any promise regarding a match, with the aim to defeat or try to defeat the other
team, or to deliberately lose a match. The exception to this rule is rewards and compensation
given to the team by their sponsors or owners.

4.2.12 Refusal to Cooperate
All members of the team shall not reject or refuse cooperation to instructions or decisions made
by M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin.

4.2.13 Match Fixing
All members of the team shall not propose, agree, plan or try to influence the game or result by
tactics/methods that are prohibited by the law and the rules and regulations. Any match fixing
activity aimed at influencing the game or its outcome will be given the most severe punishment.

4.2.14 Document and other requests
Throughout the MLBB | Unstop8ble, M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin may request the team to
provide certain related documents and items. If the document does not fulfil the standards and
criteria set by MLBB | Unstop8ble, then the team may receive a penalty. If an item is not received
and is not completed within a specified time frame, then the team may receive a penalty.

4.3 Gambling
All members of a team or MLBB | Unstop8ble personnel and related personnel shall not be
directly or indirectly involved in any betting or gambling that are related to the results of MLBB | Unstop8ble.

4.4 Penalty
The following penalty will be given to any team or team member who is found to violate any of
the rules above:

4.4.1 Verbal warning

4.4.2 Loss of pick priority in current or future match/game

4.4.3 Loss of ban in current or future match/game

4.4.4 Fine and/or reward forfeiture

4.4.5 Forfeit the game or lose the match

4.4.6 Banned

4.4.7 Disqualified from MLBB | Unstop8ble
Repeated violations of the rules and regulations will result in a more severe penalty, which may
result in being disqualified from MLBB | Unstop8ble entirely.

4.5 Obligation to cooperate
Under the condition that it does not affect the match or preparation, M8HEXA Esports Hub
Admin reserve the right to request for cooperation from team players to attend various activities,
e.g. M8HEXA Esports Hub events, press conferences, interviews, event sponsor related activities

4.6 Publication right
The organizers of MLBB | Unstop8ble reserve the right to issue a statement regarding the penalty given to any player. The team/player mentioned in such a statement will be deemed to have waived any rights to legal action against the organizers of MLBB | Unstop8ble.

5. Player Device and Equipment

5.1 Devices and equipment have to be prepared by the player.

5.1.1 Handheld device (backup included)

5.1.2 Headphones, and/or earphones, and/or microphones

5.2.1 Handheld device usage

5.2.2 Voice Chat
Players may only use the headphones provided by M8HEXA Esports Hub to use the internal
communication system or the designated software and account for voice chat in game. M8HEXA
Esports Hub can decide if there is a need to monitor the chat content.

5.3 Game Account
M8HEXA Esports Hub will not provide the game account for players.

6. Venue and game zone layout and schedule

6.1 Team entourage
Application for members of the team who are not players should be made at least 48 hours in
advance from match day to the M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin. Only main coach, data analyst,
team manager and team leader are allowed to be with the team up until the match. Any other
associated persons to the team should use tickets to enter the venue to watch the match and are
not allowed to enter the game zone or player’s lounge during a match.

6.2 Fan management
Each team is obligated to cooperate with M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin to control the fans,
ensuring that the fans of each club behave in a civil manner. The teams shall not incite their fans
to cause a disturbance in the venue. The teams will be held responsible for any public
disturbance caused by poor control and management of their supporters.

6.3 Punctuality
Teams should be punctual in attending the MLBB | Unstop8ble, MLBB | Unstop8ble related shoots and any other MLBB | Unstop8ble related events. The team holds responsibility for any losses due to being late.

7. Team rules and regulation

7.1. Team requirement

7.1.1 The teams are suggested to have one main coach, a manager (GM) and a substitute player. There should always be 5 starting players. Starting players and substitute players will form the official team roster. M8HEXA Esports Hub reserves the right to reject any team that has an incomplete list from participation.

7.1.2 Official team roster
The official team roster can include 6 qualified players (5 starting players and 1 substitute
player), the number of local players must not be lower than 60% in the team. All players must
live in the team’s origin country/area. No exceptions are allowed. In cases of unforeseeable
circumstances that prevent a player from fulfilling a contract, then a request shall be submitted to
the M8HEXA Esports Hub Admin for review. The player list may only be changed during the
roster shuffle period. MLBB | Unstop8ble players are allowed to only compete for one team.

7.1.3 The player list will be shown on the MLBB | Unstop8ble website and will be updated after
teams have correctly submitted their lists. Once the player has signed their contract, the changes
to the list will be announced on the M8HEXA Esports Hub website. This player list will be
regarded as the latest player list and can be regarded as the most up-to-date list for a reasonable
period. The list is validated by M8HEXA Esports Hub.

7.2. Submission of player list

7.2.1 Submission of player list before the season starts
Before the league starts, every team must submit their player list within the time frame given by
MLBB | Unstop8ble, including 5 starting players and a substitute player. The starting player list is
final and cannot be changed after the final date determined by MLBB | Unstop8ble.

7.2.2 If a late submission occurs, MLBB | Unstop8ble reserves the right to approve or reject the
application based on the rules and regulations and whether the player qualifies or not. The team
will bear any additional costs in changing the player list.

7.3 Substitution

7.3.1 During the regular season, an application to change the player list during the first round of
matches must be submitted no later than 2 hours before the match.

7.3.2 Substitute player rules
Before the previous game ends (one team’s base is destroyed), the team may inform the referee
of the substitution for the next game.

7.3.3 Unexpected/Unforeseen circumstances
If there is an unexpected circumstance or emergency situation such as a sudden illness, the team should provide evidence that has legal effect (e.g. a medical certificate etc). Once the situation is verified, the player may be replaced after obtaining permission from the marshals. If there remains only 4 or less players who are qualified, then the final decision lies with the Tournament marshalls.

7.4 Team name, logo and player’s IGN

7.4.1 Player’s IGN
Player’s names should be the same as the player list. Name that is similar to any hero in “Mobile
Legends: Bang Bang” or other similar characters, or content that might lead to confusion is not
allowed. M8HEXA Esports Hub reserves the right to order a player to change any inappropriate
IGN. During the tournament, a player may not change his/her IGN. MLBB | Unstop8ble reserves
the right for the final decision regarding this matter.

7.4.2 Teams will be permitted 1 tag for Team Names (consisting of 4 characters) in front of each player’s Hero Name (IGN) throughout MLBB | Unstop8ble. These tags must be upper-case,
lower-case letters or numbers 0-9 only.

7.4.3 Player’s names may include upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers 0-9,
underscores, or single spaces between words only. Player Names must not exceed 12 characters including spaces. If special characters are used, the M8HEXA Esports Hub reserves the right to simplify them for use during the tournament. Player Names and Team Names may not contain: vulgarities or obscenities; MLBB hero derivatives or other similar character names; or derivatives of products or services that may create confusion.

7.4.4 All Team Tags, Team Names, and Player Names must be approved by M8HEXA Esports
Hub in advance of use in play. Name changes are not allowed except under certain extenuating
circumstances, but must be approved by MM8HEXA Esports Hub Admin prior to being used in
MLBB | Unstop8ble. All teams will be given a chance to modify if they get a sponsor during the
player shuffle period. M8HEXA Esports Hub have the ability to deny a team name if it does not
reflect the professional standards sought by the M8HEXA Esports Hub and the team will be
required to change their name.

7.4.5 Players IGN, Team Name and Team Abbreviation are strictly not allowed to have sponsors
tag appearance during the tournament. All commercialization branding on team names and logos
are required to be approved by M8HEXA Esports Hub.

8. Roster Shuffle

8.1 No roster changes are to be allowed in the MLBB | Unstop8ble.

8.1.1 Substitution Player
In the event where teams only register the main roster of 5 players only without the substitute
(A) Teams are only allowed to register the 6th substitute player if one of the main roster players
is not able to participate for MLBB | Unstop8ble.
(B) Once confirmation of the 6th substitute player has been made, strictly no changes are
allowed to the team’s roster.

9. Sponsorships

9.1 Should the sponsorship require a change of team name or team logo, teams must submit the
request to the league within the roster shuffle period only.

9.2 The M8HEXA Esports Hub has the ability to acquire sponsors throughout the League.
Sponsorship acquisition is unrestricted but will be subject to the M8HEXA Esports Hub’s
approval. If the sponsor falls under the list of limited categories, then the sponsorship may not be
displayed by the players during the use or play of M8HEXA Esports Hub, adjacent to MLBB
related material, by M8HEXA Esports Hub, or any Sunsuria Esports Berhad- affiliated events.
M8HEXA Esports Hub have the ability to update the category list at any time. The following is
the non-exclusive list of limited sponsor categories:
(A) Gambling Website: defined as any website that aids or abets the wagering of funds on a
sport/esports event and/or allows for the wagering of funds in casino games including poker.
(B) Non- “over-the-counter” drugs
(C) Account sharing/skin selling websites.
(D) Firearms, handguns, or ammunition providers.
(E) Websites displaying or related to pornographic imagery or products.
(F) Products or services from direct competitors of MLBB.
(G) Tobacco products

10. Additional rules

10.1 Appeal and final decision
MLBB | Unstop8ble reserves the right to interpret and have the final decision at its sole discretion regarding any rules, player qualifications, MLBB | Unstop8ble schedule and phase arrangement, as well as penalty towards any misconduct. Appeals can be submitted to the M8HEXA Esports Hub within 3 working days after a penalty is announced. The result of the appeal will be decided by an arbitration committee set up by MLBB | Unstop8ble and the decision made by this committee will be final and not subject to any appeal or challenge. There will be no compensation granted.

10.2 Rule amendments
MLBB | Unstop8ble – 2020 reserve the right to amend, modify or add to the rules and regulations at any time to ensure fairness and integrity of the tournament is preserved.

10.3 Final interpretation
The only applicable interpretation of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Rules and Regulations are by the M8HEXA Esports Hub and any unfinished matters are subject to interpretation by the M8HEXA Esports Hub.