1. The tournament is open to all nations above 13 years old only.
  2. Participation Fees: RM40 per team
  3. Dates:
    Qualifier > May 23, May 31, 2020

Group 1 > 2pm onwards
Group 2 > 5pm onwards
Finals > June 7, 2020 (Sunday), 2pm onwards

  1. Tournament Format:

4.1 Each qualifier contains 2 groups; each group maximum slot is 25. Organizer will randomly slot in team into different group.
(2 qualifiers, 4 groups, 100 Teams → Top 4 from each group proceed to Final)
Map: Erangel, Sanhok, Erangel (tpp)

    1. Participant MUST check-in ONE (1) hour before the tournament. We will not give the participant to compete if they were late for fifteen (15) minutes to join the lobby.
    2. All participant needs to use own device during competition. Tablet is strictly not allowed.
    3. All third-party assisting software that changes the game content (e.g. crosshairs, game interface, SFX, speed, game screens, etc.) are prohibited during the tournament. If participant violate this rule, it will be treated as hacking. The participant will be disqualified, no prizes will be given and will be banned from competing.
    4. Each participant may only use their own account.
    5. If a participant is experiencing a bug, they must notify a channel moderator or a tournament admin immediately within 3 minutes after take-off.
    6. Names and player names should not be of any indecent words, penalty of deduction of 3 points from total points for one (1) player name, 5 points from total points for team name.
    7. M8HEXA Esports Hub will provide Wi-Fi internet but isn’t responsible to players that get disconnected, error device, or etc during the game. Players are advice to subscribe mobile data as backup.
    8. Game will be restarting if;
      a) More than 5 players kicked/disconnected from the game
      b) Player sit in the wrong slot
      c) Jump bugs
      d) Settings of the game are incorrect.
    9. Points:

  1. Tiebreaker System
    a) Team with higher total kill
    b) Team with higher final round total point
    c) Team with higher rank in final round
  2. All players must download ALL maps beforehand. We will kick the player who doesn’t have the map: Erangel, Sanhok, Erangel (tpp)
  3. Exploiting bugs will result in instant disqualification.
  4. By registering, all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the event have been given legal consent by the players to organizer “M8HEXA Esports Hub” for media and marketing purposes.

Organizer’s decision is absolute