Team Building

For Better Work Performance ++

At M8HEXA, we take team building seriously. That is why we make it a fun and enjoyable experience to bring out the best in you. M8HEXA organises team-building events for the corporate sector, and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

Team building is a significant and crucial element to ensure a successful and healthy corporation. Team-building events help convert individuals and employees into a cohesive unit to better achieve targets and outcomes for the company. They help bridge the gap between the different levels of job positions within a company, by allowing employees to better understand their roles in a company, their strengths and weaknesses, and to build relationships in order to ultimately enhance company performance. This understanding will help them to work more effectively for the company through better communication and collaboration.

During the team building, participants will be divided equally into various groups according to their skill level, hence no one is being left out. Each group will gauge their strength and weakness (theory of constraints) and formulate strategies (critical thinking) against their opponent. During game, all members will participate and execute orders based on their roles (listening + execution). while having fun, participants understand the different roles in game, as well in companies: executives, managers, directors. After each match, there will be time for discussion and reflection. At the end of day, everyone will have fun and learn!

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Team-building events at M8HEXA are not only objective-driven, they are also fun and help take employees away temporarily from their workplace or being stuck in front of the computer for five or six hours straight.

We use gamification as a strategy for this purpose. This sets us apart from most traditional team-building activities conducted elsewhere.


Gamification is a tool we use for team building to motivate employees when participating in fun, interactive activities. They have a chance to explore the latest games whilst benefitting from them. As it is good for all age groups, employees will most likely feel encouraged to join in. It not only brings people closer but it also builds stronger relationships, leading to a more successful and creative workplace.

 Gamification can be an inventive and innovative training strategy for a company. The aim is to encourage participation, engagement, and interaction amongst employees. Using game-like elements in the corporate world is a good strategy to involve everyone and encourage good corporate behaviour and action. It helps to identify potential issues and provide resolutions for future performance. Currently, the game, Mobile Legends, is being used as it ensures 100 % participation with total self immersion.

How does this game benefit employees? 

Allowing entire group to know each other & have fun

Role Play

Applying Theory of Constraint

Critical Thinking

Get to experience the latest games & understanding the benefits of gaming


Gary Gan

Founder of M8HEXA
Participated in SEA Game 2019
GM at Hexa Food Sdn Bhd

Howard Yim

Professional E-sports Player
Boost Pro
Champion in AOV
M8HEXA AOV Team Leader


“This is my first time playing mobile games, and I’ve learned that leadership & teamwork is very important for a team to achieve the goal. A good leader needs to discover their team members strengths and assign them to suitable roles. This was a really good experience for me.”

“During the game, I realised that communication is the most important part in order to get updates from your teammates to help the leader to better understand the situation so that correct and timely instructions can be given to the rest of the team.”

“Via playing this game, I’ve learned that a good strategy is crucial for a team and we have learned how to develop a good strategy step by step through the whole section. However, things do not always go as planned, so it’s important for the team to adapt to the surroundings and support each other.”